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Kweh Aim: Defined

Kweh Aim can be seen by Choco or any Kweh attempting to hit a target. The target does not need to move or even be a valid target - just the existing as something that a Kweh wants to shoot. Kweh Aim ensure that the target will always be perfectly fine and unharmed. Kweh's are beloved in FPS games by their opponents, as Kweh's are as threatening as a clown when in the match. 

When in a pinch, the Kweh Commander can pull off amazing aim, but generally that comes in bursts of high levels of concentration. If his concentration breaks then he returns back to prime Kweh level instead of Bad Normal level that we all aim for.

Examples of famous Kwehs:

  • All Storm Troopers
  • Choco the Chocobo
  • Generic Enemy A-ZZZ in action movies (someone has to be willing to be the enemy)

In Genshin Impact, your character is embracing their inner Kweh-ness when they suddenly start attacking nothing behind them while your opponent is in front of you hitting you.



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